Civil Law

Our activity includes consultancy and representation to clients in courts or before the public or private institutions in various sectors of the civil law.

Construction Law

We offer our clients (construction companies/general contractors) consultancy and representation before the courts of law, as well as before public authorities and/or private companies

Administrative Law

We offer our clients consultancy and representation before the courts of law, the arbitration tribunals, as well as before the public authorities.

Labour Law

We provide legal services both to employers and to employees, on different aspects of work relationships.

Law on Misdemeanours

We prepare legal opinions and assist our clients in relation to all legal relationships entailing contravention liability.

Criminal Law

We offer assistance and representation to our clients in all the three stages of a criminal trial.


We are a young, dynamic team, and because we love what we do, this helps us quickly complete all our projects and obtain the results we foresee. What makes us different from other professionals working in the legal field is that we approach each project in an honest and transparent manner. It is also important for us to offer our clients sufficient information so that they make their own cost/benefit analysis concerning all the legal services we provide.

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Recuperarea sumelor de bani reprezentând obligații de plată a cotelor din cheltuielile comune datorate asociațiilor de proprietari prin procedura ordonanței de plată.