We offer our clients consultancy and representation before the courts of law, the arbitration tribunals, as well as before the public authorities, in the following fields:

  • assisting clients in going through the public procurement and concession procedures, based on Law no. 98/1996 on the award of public procurement contracts, Law no. 99/2016 on sectoral acquisitions and the methodological norms for the implementation of these laws, approved by Government Decisions no. 395/2016 and no. 394/2016 ;
  • supporting clients in drawing up the legal documents necessary to participate in public tenders (answers to the clarifications requested by the contracting entities, elaboration of clarification requests issued by the economic operator, drafting of powers of attorney, joint venture agreements, contracts concluded with sub-contractors, etc.);
  • drafting guidance requests for clarifying some aspects of procurement legislation, addressed to the National Agency for Public Procurement (ANAP);
  • formulating appeals regarding the award documentation or the result of the award procedures, formulating requests for intervention, drafting complaints against the decisions of the National Council for the Resolution of Appeals (CNSC), pursuant to Law no. 101/2016 on remedies and appeals in the matter of awarding public procurement contracts, sectoral contracts and works concession and service concession contracts, as well as for the organization and operation of the National Council for the Resolution of Appeals;
  • assisting and representing clients in disputes regarding the contestation of ascertaining documents issued by the contracting entities, which contain information regarding the fulfilment or, as the case may be, the non-fulfilment of contractual obligations by the contractor, pursuant to art. 53 paragraph 13 of Law no. 101/2016;
  • consultancy on the conclusion, performance and termination of the agreements containing FIDIC contractual conditions (International Federation of Consulting Engineers);
  • filing requests based on Law no. 554/2004 on administrative disputes;
  • formulating requests and petitions addressed to public institutions pursuant to Law no. 544/2001 regarding free access to information of public interest and/or of O.G. no. 27/2002 regarding the regulation of the petition settlement activity;

Our specialists

Andreea Dop Mahu


Cristina-Adriana Coman


Laura Carmen Dop